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Complete system for all your practice needs

eMedicalPractice offers a full range of Practice Management software for physician practices. With a suite of easy-to-use yet powerful features, your office will achieve the incredible return on investment that only the best Practice Management software can achieve.

This service includes the patient portal, financial dashboard, direct email, enhanced scheduler, e-payments, instant insurance verification and prior-authorization management, amongst other features.

Financial Dashboard - RCM

An overview of your complete practice, the Financial Dashboard displays current-day, previous-day, weekly and monthly reports by provider, claims by provider, claims by insurance, EOBs by insurance and copays collected by cash, credit cards and checks.

View scheduler, monitor patient flow, co-pays to be collected and due amount from previous visits. View patient schedules for all providers and for all facilities. Color coding reflects insurance eligibility status and co-pay to be collected from the patients and patient dues from previous visits.


eMedicalPractice's Practice Management software generates state-of-the-art predictive analysis reports as well as in-depth and detailed daily, monthly and yearly reports by service, by provider and by facility. Create your own custom reports based on criteria of your choosing.

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