Electronic Health Information Export

Unleash the Potential of Standardized Formats for Electronic Health Information Export

EHR Data Export Details

In our commitment to interoperability and data portability, we provide patient data in standardized formats for electronic health information export 170.315 (b)(10). Here are the detailed formats and structures we offer:

1. Clinical Data in CDA Format (Clinical Document Architecture)

  • Encounter Data: Each individual patient encounter is represented in a CDA document, following the specifications and standards set by HL7 CDA.
  • Comprehensive Patient Data: For an overarching view, we provide a CDA file that consolidates all encounters of a particular patient.
  • All CDA files are systematically organized within a directory structure by the patient's unique chart number.

2. Patient Demographics and Insurance Details

  • CSV Format ("," Separated): This file offers a comprehensive view of demographics and insurance details, structured for clarity and ease of access.

3. Appointments

  • CSV Format ("," Separated): This file offers a comprehensive view of all future appointemtns details, structured for clarity and ease of access.
Within the application's 'Reports' section, clients have the option to export Appointments, Patients Demos, and Insurance details in CSV Format.

4. Documents (Scaned Documents like PDF, JPG, PNG File Formats)

  • This includes signed progress notes, available lab results, radiology reports, and any other scanned or uploaded document in the patient's record.
  • Organizational Structure: All these documents are sorted and indexed within the respective patient chart number folders. If there are specific categories or types for these documents (e.g., Lab Reports, Radiology, Scanned Receipts, etc.), they will reside in their respective category subfolder within the primary patient folder.


  • Ensuring the safety and privacy of patient data is paramount. All exports are conducted in a secure manner, employing robust encryption standards and secure transmission methods.
  • We advise our clients to handle the exported data with care, adhering to applicable health data protection regulations.
  • We are committed to staying updated with industry standards and practices. As such, please revisit this link on our portal regularly for any amendments to our export procedures.
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